Official site* of

Hanford High School
Class of 1978

Richland, Washington




Class Motto:

"If we change the world
Let it bear the mark
Of our intelligence


Class Song:  "Long Time", by Boston


Class Colors:  Rainbow


Class Flower:  Yellow Rose


Class Officers:

President - Paul Mayer
Vice President - Pete Gedde
Secretary/Treasurer - Sue Heid
Activities Coordinator - Diana Sutherland
Election Manager - Kash Van Cleef

Commencement Exercises:

June 2, 1978

Graduating Class Size:

188 is the official number of graduates


Kim Hopkins
Judy Metzger
Laura Kinsel
Dave Van Tuyl
Nancy Scharnhorst
Joe Ordonez

HHS Alma Mater:

Verse 1
Dear Hanford High
How proudly you were named
Honored and cherished
By the world acclaimed
Loyal are we
Enchained by memory
Of golden days and life in harmony.

Verse 2
Fondly we raise
Your colors bold and bright
Beacons to follow
Paths ahead to light
As we embark
On seas we cannot know
May we recall our dreams of long ago.


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